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Technical Assistance

We offer free, voluntary, and confidential

support for fresh produce growers in a variety of ways.

Produce Safety Risk Assessment

The Produce Safety Risk Assessment (PSRA) is a voluntary program designed to educate fresh fruit and vegetable producers about food safety and to recognize those who implement produce safety management practices. Producers who successfully complete the assessment and on-site farm review receive certificates of completion that they can share with their consumers and buyers.

On-Farm Readiness Review

On-Farm Readiness Reviews are designed to help fresh produce growers feel prepared and ready for a full implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). They allow growers to walk through their operation with a small team of food-safety experts and discuss how to meet the new FSMA Produce Safety Rule requirements.

Farm Visits

It’s a farmer’s choice! This is a laid-back approach to get you started with a technician, whether you have detailed produce safety practices or not. A visit from a technician may or may not include a risk assessment at first – you and the technician work out the best plan together!

Action Plan Development

Technicians can identify areas of improvement on your farm, provide you with relevant resources, and help you develop an action plan.

Other assistance may include...

Food Safety Plans  |  Water Testing  |  Training Protocols  |  Record Keeping

Wash Pack Consultations  |  Microbial Risk Mitigation

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