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Patrick Gordon

Patrick Gordon is a Produce Safety Technician with the Berrien County Conservation District in Southwest Michigan, working primarily with growers in Allegan, Berrien, Kalamazoo, and Van Buren counties. Patrick earned his Master of Natural Resources from Virginia Tech University and has a Bachelor of Science in Geography with a specialization in Environmental Analysis and Land Management from Western Michigan University. Patrick has a strong passion for working with natural resources, especially in the agricultural sector. Prior to working with the Michigan Agricultural Conservation Districts, Patrick spent time with the United States Peace Corps in Uganda. His primary focus while in Uganda, was in the agricultural sector. He worked with farmers to build capacity, develop and implement programs relating to climate smart agriculture, safer post-harvest handling, and natural resources restoration. He is excited to work with farmers of southwest Michigan to improve safety in the agricultural food chain. Patrick currently lives in Kalamazoo with his long-time girlfriend and Husky, they spend most of their free time cooking, traveling and enjoying the abundant natural resources Michigan has to offer. 

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