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Produce Safety Technicians

Michigan is the only state with a Produce Safety Technician program dedicated to providing on-farm technical education for fresh produce farmers. Better yet, technicians are a free, voluntary, confidential, non-regulatory resource.

Organic Blueberries

About Us

Working with a Produce Safety Technician through the conservation districts is free, voluntary, and confidential, and can help you make any necessary improvements to your farm that positively impacts produce safety. Technical assistance is available to you regardless of farm size.

How We Can Help

Produce Safety Resources

Explore our collection of educational videos, infographics, record-keeping templates, and other resources covering topics such as worker training, soil amendments, water testing, and more.  

Featured Resource


This template, created by Landen Tetil, is a great place to start when it comes to writing a farm food safety plan, and can be easily tailored to your specific farm.

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"Even though you may think you're doing everything as safely as it should be done, it is very helpful with elevating your farm practices by having a professional come see your place and offer suggestions. This definitely helped to make improvements to my business and in safety here at my farm."

Patti Travioli,

Heartwood Forest Farm

"By working with [a Produce Safety Technician], we were able to take steps and make goals to help our farm be in compliance with Federal food safety guidelines and feel confident that we are providing clean and safe produce to our customers."

Noel Weeks,

La Casa Verde Produce

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